My Beloved – The Book

Amaney’s upcoming book series entitled My Beloved are a series of stories on the reflections on the Names and Attributes of Allah in our everyday lives.

In this journey of life, we are obsessed with the idea of love, companionship, and a relationship so deep, that it surpasses any other story ever told. We are constantly on the hunt for unconditional love, appreciation, and support. We yearn for unwavering and boundless connections among our families and friends, and with peers and mentors. Yet through this very quest for love, we discover that the Best of companions has actually been alongside us the whole time.

This book helps reveal the presence of Allah in our everyday lives. Each story contained within the book is a reflection of how Allah’s Names and Attributes manifest in every second and every moment in our lives. With every passing chapter, the reader will gain a profound understanding of who Allah is through His Names and Attributes. Not only will the reader learn about the One who loves us more than anyone else, but will also learn to love Him back fiercely and wholly by implementing His Names and Attributes in their daily life as well.

He will go from being The Beloved, to being My Beloved.

My Beloved will be released in early 2021, inshaAllah.

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