Category: Ramadan 2018

Every few days I will be sharing a new doua which we can utilize in our everyday life.

“O Allah, there is no ease…”

“O Allah, there is no ease other than what You make easy. If You please, You ease sorrow.” Our happiest moments are gifts from Al-Wahab (the Perpetual Gift Giver) and our saddest moments are tests from Al-Latif (the Subtly Acquainted), and in each is… Continue Reading ““O Allah, there is no ease…””

“Rabi inny lima anzaltu illaya faker!”

“My Lord, whatever good you may bestow on me, indeed I am in need.” This beautiful douas comes from the Qur’an. It is the doua of Musa (as) and it was made at a time when he was fled from his homeland and was… Continue Reading ““Rabi inny lima anzaltu illaya faker!””

“Rabi Zidney ‘ilma”

“My Lord! Increase me in knowledge.” (20:114) This doua is very unique in that it is the only doua in the Qur’an which asks Allah (swt) an increase in something, and that something that we are taught to seek an increase in is knowledge.… Continue Reading ““Rabi Zidney ‘ilma””

No Calamities!

We are taught to recite this doua three times in the morning and three times in the evening. The Prophet (saws) has said, that whoever recites it in the morning will not be afflicted by any calamity before evening, and whoever recites it in… Continue Reading “No Calamities!”

“O Allah, I seek refuge in You…”

“O Allah, I seek refuge in You from disbelief and poverty and I seek refuge in You from punishment of the grave. There is none worthy of worship but You.” O Allah, my Caretaker and Provider, my Protector and my Refuge, I seek refuge… Continue Reading ““O Allah, I seek refuge in You…””

“O Allah, make me healthy in my body…”

“O Allah, make me healthy in my body. O Allah, preserve for me my hearing. O Allah, preserve for me my sight. There is none worthy of worship but You.” “O Allah, make me healthy in my body.” O Allah, Creator of every cell… Continue Reading ““O Allah, make me healthy in my body…””

“Allah is sufficient for me…”

“HasbiyaAllah la illah illah huwa ‘alayhe tawakaltu wa huwa rub el ‘arsh al atheem.” This doua comes from the morning athkaar (words of remembrance which we are encouraged to recite every day).  It starts with the very powerful and all-inclusive statement “Allah is sufficient… Continue Reading ““Allah is sufficient for me…””

First Things First!

What do you do when you first wake up in the morning? Do you reach for your phone, check the time or hit the snooze button? Or do you thank Allah? Do you thank Allah for having given you a new day, a new… Continue Reading “First Things First!”