Abu Bakr As-Sideeq

Who is Abu Bakr?

Abu Bakr As-Sideeq (ra), the closest companion to the Prophet (saws), the father of Aisha (ra) the beloved wife of the Prophet (saws), the first Khalifah (successor) after the Prophet (saws), the one whom the Prophet (saws) chose to be his sole companion during the migration from Mecca to Madinah and the one that the Prophet (saws) hoped would be called from all the gates of Jannah. 1

When reading the history of the early companions, I chose to start with Abu Bakr for a few reasons:

  • he was simply the best of the best of the companions.
  • he was a follower of the Prophet (saws) and not a Prophet himself, hence what he did was “doable”.
  • he was a leader that even Umar (ra) learned from!
  • the Prophet hoped he would enter from all the gates of Jannah. If Allah (swt) chose him to be an example, then there would be others that could follow in his footsteps as well.

There is one too many “learning moments” to list from his life, however one incident that is mentioned in Dr. ‘Ali Muhammad Muhammad As-Sallaabee’s book The Biography of Abu Bakr As-Sideeq was one that highlighted not just the strength of the Muslim army, but the unknown women that were behind such brave and God fearing souls.

In a battle against the Romans in Al-Yarmook, Khalid ibn Al-Waleed was leading the Muslim army of about forty to forty-five thousand against the Roman army of two-hundred and forty thousand soldiers. The Muslims were outnumbered 6 to 1. From the enemy encampment, the Muslims heard the voices of the priests and monks, making there numbers seem even larger.

As the two armies met and the fighting became fierce, the Roman army got the upper hand and pursued the Muslim army until they entered the Muslim encampment where the Muslim women were. The fleeing Muslim army was met with fierce and brave women that were based in the Muslim encampment. These women did what was in there power to partake in the battle. They met the Muslim soldiers with stones and poles of tent and reminded them of there true purpose.

“Where is the honor of Islam? What about your mothers and wives? Are you fleeing and leaving us as easy prey for the disbelievers?”

This reminder from the women, encouraged the Muslim army to retake there positions and it allowed them to meet the enemy with more energy.

For me, this incident is a glimpse into the society that was around during the time of Abu Bakr (ra), where one part reinforced the other. Where they reminded each other, held each other accountable, and had higher standards that were in line with there ultimate goals in this life; to gain the pleasure of Allah (swt). Although this was not an easy read, there were many hidden gems into the life of Abu Bakr and glimpses into the lives of the men and women that were around him at the time.

Officially the longest book I have read.

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